About us

I am István Lampert, managing director of LANAXIS Kft. Please allow me to introduce our company and its activities in some sentences.LANAXIS Kft. was incorporated on the 25th August 1993 as a Private Limited Company, with a 100 % ownership of domestic private persons.Our company has been dynamically developing and operating since its foundation. Currently we provide a stable living to 40 people. Our revenue amounted to HUF 950 million last year.

Our scope of activities as a main contractor covers the manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of steel structures, machinery and technological equipment, fitting works.We have been carrying out notable assignments and high-volume investments for the cement and lime industry, thepower plant and the mining industry, the glass industry and the metallurgical industry. We have been also performing operational failure prevention jobs in these industries.We have been applying highly qualified professionals constituting a powerful, practised team in this professional field by a decade-long continuous co-operation. After its foundation the company’s entrepreneurial activity and the volume of performed jobs therein, its scope of activities and its capacity have constantly been expanding.

We recently moved from Pesti utca 18/A, Miskolc to a new site and headquarter, to Bogáncs utca 10. behind HOLCIM Zrt. We have a total ground-space of 11 thousand square meter, where the built-in space amounts to 2200 square meter. We aimed to attend to environmental aspects when establishing the office building and the production facilities. An example is our heating system powered by solar collectors.